Bagels with poppy seeds — recipe


half a kilo flour;
five tablespoons of sugar;
130 grams of melted butter;
three eggs;
glass of milk;
50 grams of compressed yeast;
egg for lubrication;
40 grams of food poppy.
Yeast is diluted in warm milk.

RUB the eggs, sugar and butter, combine with milk, add flour. Stir. We leave it for a couple of hours, so it rose and increased 3 times.

Divide the dough into small buns.

Each roll is rolled into a flat cake, the surface is lubricated with oil and wrapped with a bagel. Let the bagels rise. Grease the bagels with yolk and sprinkle with poppy seeds and vanilla sugar.

The oven should be heated to 210 degrees. And now you can bake bagels. They’ll be ready in half an hour.