Ruddy pasties with soup inside and a delicious crust — recipe

Ruddy pasties with soup inside and a delicious crust — recipe


Adherents of a healthy diet may not understand, but to deny themselves a juicy fresh cheburek, simply because it is not the most useful dish in the world – it is sinful. Guided by the rule: «if you can not, but really want – you can», we derive a food postulate. Proper pasties – definitely tasty, and therefore undoubtedly useful for the organism. And another important fact to the preparation of chebureks can attract households. This activity is like children, especially if you allow them to make their own, mini-version of the dish. Thus, you can get not just a delicious lunch or dinner, but also qualitatively spend time with the whole family.

For the dough:
Water – 1 Cup
Flour – 2 cups + flour for kneading
Vegetable oil – 2 tablespoons
Pinch of salt
For filling:
Minced pork/beef – 400 grams
Onion – 1 piece
Sour cream – 2 tablespoons
Water -100 ml
Salt and pepper to taste
Greens – to taste
Cooking pasties always start with test. In a deep container pour the flour, add salt and mix. Boil water, pour oil into a glass of boiling water and send to the flour. Begin to quickly mix with a fork. As soon as the plug will no longer deal – it’s time to connect hands. Do not be afraid to get burned – the dough will be hot, but not enough to hurt.

Knead it well, adding the flour. How much flour you need – depends primarily on its quality. When the dough becomes dense – cover it with a towel and give a rest for 15-20 minutes.

Sprinkle flour on the table, take out the dough and knead again. At this stage, you can connect the male power, as the dough is already tight. Again, send it to rest for 10 minutes.

At this time we are engaged in stuffing. In these pasties, it must be from the lamb, but such love is not everything. Therefore, we use a mixture of pork-beef in a proportion of 50 to 50. If you know where to buy a good ready-made minced meat – you can safely do it. If not, you have to cook for yourself.

The filling in the empanadas must be juicy. One of the main secrets of juiciness lies in the onion. A large onion, three on a fine grater, but not one that is designed for potato pancakes otherwise rubbing can be long. You can run it through the fine grate of the grinder. In this case, the main task of onions to the juice. Therefore, the grater fits perfectly.

In minced add two tablespoons of sour cream, about 70 grams of water and begin to knead. You can add any finely chopped greens, but it’s not for everybody. Minced meat for chebureks can afford to be quite liquid, so if you put the greens – water can pour 100 grams. Send it salt, pepper, favorite spices and mix well. As we prepare the filling for the pasties, not the chops to knock it out is not necessary.

From the dough, separate the desired piece and roll out so that it is practically translucent. You can make a blank separately for each cheburek, and if the space on the table allows – roll out the layer for several at once. Then, you can put a plate and cut out the basis of the future masterpiece. If you have children in the assistants – give them the opportunity to prove themselves. Using a Cup or glass, cut them from the remains of the dough pieces for personal mini chebureks.

On one half of the ground put minced, retreating about 0.5-1 centimeter from the edge. Minced meat can not be sorry, but keep in mind that it should fry. Cover the second half and pinch the edges with a fork. Keep in mind, cheburek in any case can not be damaged or pierced – otherwise oil splashes throughout the kitchen can not be avoided.

In a deep frying pan pour the oil, about a finger thick and heat it well. In this case, the oil is better to overheat than underheat. So, if at some point you have a hitch and another cheburek is not ready yet – the fire under the pan should not be reduced.

Spread the chebureks in the oil and fry them on each side for about 1-1.5 minutes. Due to the fact that there is no excess flour on the dough – the oil will not burn. Ready pasties spread on a napkin to absorb excess oil, and then on a dish. Serve them better hot, but they don’t lose palatability and cold. But there is need to be careful not to get burned broth, which they will necessarily be.