Real pizza with salami and feta — recipe

Real pizza with salami and feta — recipe


A person who doesn’t like pizza is hard to find. We consider it one of the symbols of Italy. But, in fact, invented pizza is not the Italians. It is perfectly prepared in Malta, Tunisia, Turkey, Greece – and throughout the Mediterranean coast.

The main secret of pizza is dough. In her homeland prefer a subtle version of the performance and did not recognize the American version of «on the loaf.» Do not think that the more toppings put, the culinary masterpiece will be tastier – not at all. You need to clearly correlate the balance of the dough and filling. Then, she bakes well, and will keep the form.

To understand that the dough is prepared correctly, you can immediately after baking and without tasting. It is enough to cut it into pieces. Take one triangle in his hand and he in any case should not break in half – has the right to slightly drop only the tip.

And another interesting fact – if a tourist from the former Soviet Union will go to not a tourist, but a real Italian pizzeria for Italians – he will never eat pizza there. Just because it will not be round, and what turned out. Could be badly burned from above. But, in fact – it is incredibly delicious.

For the dough:

Water – 1 Cup
Flour – 350 grams
Olive oil – 2 tablespoons
Salt — 1 teaspoon
Sugar – 1 teaspoon
Dry yeast – 1 teaspoon
For filling:

Tomatoes in own juice – ? banks
Tomato paste – 1 tablespoon
Salami – 50 grams
Cheddar cheese – 50 grams
Feta cheese – 50 grams
Olives – 20 grams
Fresh Basil – 1 bunch
Dried oregano – 1 teaspoon
Garlic – 2-3 cloves
Chili pepper – 1 piece (small)
In the filling, you can add anything you want. Mediterranean Housewives act on the principle – all that is lost in the refrigerator to put in a pizza. But, do not get too carried away – put the filling so much that it does not fall off the dough and you do not have to eat pizza with a knife and fork.

Cooking always starts with dough. That’s what you should not save, if you want to get a really tasty pizza – so it’s flour and olive oil. It is better if the meal will be Italian durum. Many pizzerias save and make dough based on local flour, but a person who knows a lot about food will immediately understand this.

It is quite possible to replace olive oil and conventional sunflower. However, the dough will not be as elastic and pleasant. These, it would seem that the nuances are the key to a delicious meal.

So, dough. Slightly heat the water, add 1 tablespoon of flour, salt, sugar and yeast and mix well. Cover the container and either leave it on the table or put it in a warm place. After 10-15 minutes the future the dough will begin to ferment.

Carefully, in portions, the remaining flour is poured into it and at the end of the olive oil is poured. The dough should get thick enough. And the final amount of flour depends on its quality. Therefore, if you do not like the consistency – add more flour.

Now it’s time for the test to come up. Cover the bowl with a clean towel and leave it alone for at least 4-6 hours. In particularly critical cases and all 12. This factor is influenced by the temperature in the room and the quality of flour. The test should be in 2 times more.

Sprinkle flour on the table, take out the dough from the container and knead again. In this case, is good to beat him (to leave on the table). Processed in this way it will get the correct consistency. Again, cover the dough and leave to approach. Now we don’t have to wait for it to double – just 1/3.

Dough is ready. It should be divided into portions. To prepare a pizza with a diameter of 40 centimeters, 280 grams of dough is enough, but this is if the base is thin, that is – real.

The dough should be rolled to the desired size and thickness. By the way, do not worry too much if it is not round – at home pizza is often made square, in the form of a brazier. If you are pizzolla, immediately sprinkle a baking sheet with flour and further manipulation of the equipment by stuffing spend more on it.

If the dough is made from high-quality Italian flour, it can be safely stored in a container in the refrigerator for 4-6 days. But domestic flour does not allow this. You can freeze the base, but the taste will be completely different.

The second component of pizza, which has a decisive influence on the taste – sauce. The desire to spread the cake with ketchup is great, but the sauce should create your own. Then, your pizza will be unique.

For the sauce, a half can of tomatoes in own juice, cut better separated from the excess water using colander. And pour them into a bowl of blender. There we send tomato paste, hot pepper without seeds , garlic and Basil leaves (without twigs). All this splendor, mix until smooth. If it turned out too liquid – will have to boil a little on a small fire to evaporate excess water.

Generously spread the dough with sauce leaving a centimeter at the edges – this will be the sides of the pizza.

Cheddar grate on a large grater and evenly sprinkle the pizza. Salami (better sliced on a slicer) spread out on the surface. Feta cut into cubes and scatter randomly. Olives remove the seeds, but if you are initially pitted – cut in half and acted like feta.

Bake pizza to the maximum, which allows the oven. In the pizza oven, this is done at a temperature of 350-400 degrees, and in the wood at all 500. Thus, the pizza is prepared on a thin dough for 2-3 minutes. In the oven with a temperature of 280 degrees, it will take 7-10 minutes.

In General, the question of how much to bake a pizza is quite difficult. It all depends on how the dough is rolled out, how much and what filling and most importantly – the oven itself. It is believed (we are talking about a thin cake) that the pizza is ready when the cheese is completely melted and slightly baked. But finally the hostess chooses the time by trial and error.

Remove the finished pizza from the oven immediately. Put it on a Board or plate, sprinkle with dried oregano and fresh Basil leaves. And can be all to invite to the table